/Top 30 Hottest Asian Pornstars in History

Top 30 Hottest Asian Pornstars in History

The pornographic industry has its stars like any other film industry. This business sector is very specific. It is available for adults only. Japan is among leaders of production of pornographic movies. Japanese porn stars get many awards for their brilliant acting. There are 30 most known divas, that each lover of pornography has to know.

Top Stars

The Japanese porn industry is relatively young. Though, it has many talented actors. The films shot are distributed both in Japan and worldwide. Here are the top actresses to get to know about:

  1. Ms. Hasu. She started her career back in 2000.
  2. Minka. This star is particularly famous for her big breasts. She did sport before starting the career in the porn industry.
  3. Ms. Marcela. She became extremely famous worldwide.
  4. Ms. Bamboo. This lady is one more hot Japanese star. The diva was actually born in France. The fame came to her after starring in Asian pornographic films.
  5. Ms. Lin. A beautiful and erotic diva is famous for unique porn scenes.
  6. Ms. Dior. This diva is famous thanks to her exotic Asian-European beauty.
  7. Miss Chong. She is one of the pioneers in the industry.
  8. Miss Ava. She is a fearless porn star. She has been starring in porn films since 2003.
  9. Ms. Bangkok. She is a sexy Asian diva with a fine figure.
  10. Miss Lei. An actress is one of the most well-known pornographic actresses. A diva started to star back at the end of the XXth century.
  11. Ms. Kener. This diva has a unique beauty. Her face has both European and Asian features. That is why she is very popular in different countries.
  12. Miss Lin. This lady is one of the youngest Japanese stars.
  13. Ms. Lee. Films with her participation are really worth watching.
  14. Miss Jordan. She has exotic beauty. She is a real diva in the Japanese porn industry.
  15. Ms. Tia. A lady is one of the youngest stars. She stars in the hottest films.
  16. Miss Maylene. The diva is known to participate in the most challenging projects. She is a real pornographic star.
  17. Ms. Croft. That is one more fine Asian pornographic actress. This lady’s famous worldwide.
  18. Ms. Wong. She started to star back in the 1980s.
  19. Ms. Lei. This is a real Asian hot pornographic diva.
  20. Miss Tan. This diva has typical Japanese face features. She plays professionally.
  21. Miss Cruz. This actress is of the youngest porn divas in Japan.
  22. Ms. Thorn. She has an extraordinary European and Japanese appearance.
  23. Ms. Lee. This diva looks simply hot in modern pornographic films.
  24. Miss Hara. She is extremely popular in Japan.
  25. Ms. Maui. This lady has a beautiful face and a sexy body.
  26. Miss Vespoli. She is famous for her unique beauty. She has both Thai and Irish ancestors.
  27. Miss Thai. She is famous for her naive looks combined with extreme sexuality.
  28. Ms. Ozawa. This lady is a pornographic actress with much experience.
  29. Miss Asa. This pornographic star is one of the most outstanding divas.
  30. Ms. Tera. She has classic Japanese beauty and tiny figure.

These are the hottest Japanese divas. Check them out!