/8 Japanese Lesbian Movies You Might Want to Check Out

8 Japanese Lesbian Movies You Might Want to Check Out

Sex happens not only between a male and a female. The development of today’s world shows that desire between a woman and a woman is also possible. That is what Japanese lesbian porn is about.

Pornographic films show not only how two ladies have sex. The best Japanese lesbian porn also makes it possible to understand how the sexual relationships between the two females get established. There several films that are considered classic ones. The plot of each movie is quite interesting. Such films are recommended for those who appreciate lesbian pornographic movies.

Top Movies

Japanese pornographic industry is quite well-known. There are many famous pornographic movies that were shot in Japan. Many pornographic actresses from Japan are famous worldwide. Here are several Japanese lesbian movies that are worth watching:

  • Topless. This film is definitely erotic. Though, it is not an only pornographic film. It shows a female perspective not only on sex with the other female. It also tells about how Asians perceive life, love, children. These pornographic film will be interesting not only for sex lovers. It will equally interesting for intelligent people.
  • The Little House. This motion picture shows lesbian love between women of different age. One of the main particularities of this movie is a very engaging plot. The narrative is truly inspiring. This motion picture was directed by one of the most classic Japanese film producers.
  • Helter Skelter. That is a fascinating movie that tells not only about lesbian love. It also tells about many social problems that exist in societies. The film tells of a strong woman who has a successful career. Her psychological portrait is not that simple. It is quite complex. The sexual contacts with other woman make her personality even more complicated.
  • Swastika. This motion picture tells about the love of two women who have partners in real life. The lesbian scenes are quite intense. This film is somehow quite philosophical. It imposes the question how to get realized in sexual life. It is one of the classic pornographic movies. It was filmed back in the late XXth.
  • Finding the Adolescence. The title evidently talks for its own. The movie says how teenagers discover their sexuality. It shows the difficulty of entering into the first sexual contact with another girl. This movie is quite erotic. It explains lesbian love in a delicate way.
  • Schoolgirl Complex. This motion picture shows how hard it is sometimes to reveal real sexual desire. This film shows love against all known sexual norms. The lesbian scenes are finely filmed. It is one of the best pornographic movies. It was produced back in 2013.
  • Kakera. This is a sophisticated motion picture of sexuality. It shows how a young girl came to the understanding that she is a lesbian. This movie perfectly shows the specifics of Japanese mentality. The actresses who starred there gained worldwide fame.
  • Girl’s Blood. This film has quite a unique plot. There are many pornographic scenes. This film is even more pornographic because of its plot. The majority of scenes happen in a smoked bar. The sexual scenes involve both men and women.

These are the most fascinating motion pictures. They are different than European lesbian movies. They are truly worth watching.